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Educational Resources Consultants assist students and families with educational decisions. Our goal is to help students and parents choose post-secondary educational options that are academically sound, growth producing and socially appropriate.  We also seek to provide recommendations for all manner of additional support, as part of the college admission process and continuing through the post-secondary environment.


Recognizing the complexity, expense, and seriousness involved with planning a students future after high school, families come to Educational Resources Consultants for expert knowledge in the area of education placement. Placements for students with learning problems are facilitated in appropriate public, private and specialty institutions, as well as special enrichment curricular programs. Below is just sample of our services, for more information please contact us to discuss your students specific needs.

  • In depth in-take with families and students

  • Personalized plan to help each student choose the best academic option for them

  • Comprehensive guide through the college admissions process

  • Meeting with college guidance counselors and educational therapists

  • Review of academic records and relevant educational testing

  • Recommendation on individual support systems based on students needs

  • Review and analysis of college admission s standardized testing (SAT & ACT)

  • References for standardized test tutoring

  • Assistance in preparation of college applications & essays

  • Guidelines for college tours and personal admission interviews

  • Recommendations regarding educational alternatives



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