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Lauren L. Leavitt, M.S.Ed.


Lauren began Educational Resources Consultants after going through the same process you're going through with her own daughter who has learning differences. With Lauren's extensive background in education and the distinct ability to relate to each family, Lauren has created an unmatched educational ally that families turn to time and time again.


Lauren is a well-recognized authority in the field of post-secondary placements for students with learning differences, including those with Asperger's Syndrome. Lauren has been a highly sought educational specialist for over 30 years, with specific credentials in reading and special education. In addition to her active private practice, Lauren served as the college counselor for a prominent, well-known Los Angeles private high school whose exclusive population of students were those with learning differences.


Lauren has successfully assisted students and their families in the identification of appropriate programs for two and four year degrees at over 100 educational institutions throughout the United States and Canada. Lauren also works extensively with programs that provide specialty training (music conservatories, art programs, culinary institutes, etc.), as well as transition programs such as “Gap Year” possibilities.

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