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Finding the Right Fit: What to look for when choosing a college with LD Programs and Services.

By Lauren L. Leavitt, M.S.Ed.


This must have checklist will help you compare the various services and programs that can be vital in your college search.

Questions to Ask During the College Search

By Lauren L. Leavitt, M.S.Ed.


Finding the right college is very important for every student. Finding the right match for a student with a learning difference is particularly important. It is critical that a student with a learning difference choose a postsecondary setting that will help that individual maximize his or her potential.


It is important to start the college search looking at the same factors that all students consider. Size, geographic location, selection of majors, admissions requirements, cost, resources, athletics and social activities, are important features of a college experience.

Know Your College Vocabulary

By Lauren L. Leavitt, M.S.Ed.


As you begin your college search, it is important that you and your student add the following words to your working vocabulary...

Why an Educational Consultant?

By Lauren L. Leavitt, M.S.Ed.


Educational consultants are professionals who assist students and families with educational decisions. Our goal is to help students and parents choose post-secondary educational opportunities that are academically sound, growth producing and socially appropriate. We also seek to provide recommendations for all manner of additional support (as part of the college admission process and once the student has entered a post- secondary environment) required by the student with learning differences and Asperger’s.

Recognizing the complexity, expense, tension and seriousness involved with planning a student’s education, families come to us for expert knowledge in the area of education placement. Placements for students with learning differences are facilitated in appropriate public, private, and specialty institutions, as well as specialized summer programs.

College Websites
LD Resources
Financial Aid
A Guide to Assessing College Readiness

Courtesy of  Landmark College


College involves many new responsibilities, begin to develop those skills now for continued and future success. How prepared are you? Check your readiness with this helpful, insightful list.

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